Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My doll on stardoll :)

Hey everyone !

Fame,fashion and friends :D

My doll on stardoll is Girl1Glossy, please visit me and vote for me,my scenery and album.
Vote me for COVERGIL,it's my dream is 600 members in my club Makedonki too...please join and help me :) I won 5 times NCG....I have 3  trophies because I sold my trophies :cry: ...
I do presentation too :) If you have one nice presentation tell me .
My doll is ORIGINAL,not copy! And we aren't perfect but we are ORIGINAL!
We aren't ugly! We have style and we love fashion!
Haters only hate people who can't be!
I hate hackers,copiers.....
Stardoll is place for girls and boys who love fashion,and who have style ....
Fashion is knowing who you are and what u want to say !

My photos on stardooll : 
Other photos in other posts :)

Bye!!!!And have a nice day

THE END ... 

THE END......